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Electric car myths busted

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Electric car myths busted - Things you’ve been getting wrong about EVs Motorists are making a number of mistakes about electric cars (Image: GETTY) Electric cars are growing in popularity but still occupy just a small proportion of the market on the roads in Britain. While the number of electric cars registered over the next few

Electric car battery breakthrough

By |2019-04-04T07:08:35+00:00April 4th, 2019|Car News|

A new development in electric cars could see vehicles be recharged in as little time as it takes to refuel a petrol or diesel vehicle One of the biggest obstacles EV drivers face is the issue of charging. However, as reported by the Express, new research could change that. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts

Self-driving cars: Is the autonomous dream slipping away?

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Self-driving cars: Is the autonomous dream slipping away from us? The coming of the robot car has been screamed loud from every headline and tech blog for the past decade, but increasingly car makers are being more cautious about handing over control to the microchips. Carlos Tavares, the head of PSA Group and its multitude