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Testimonials from our happy customers

I was such an anxious driver I had years of lessons and multiple driving instructors, but Michael really seemed to build up my confidence when driving. He put a lot of thought into lesson plans and clearly relayed instructions. Even when I did make mistakes he was calm and wouldn’t let me end a lesson on a low note. I passed my test first time yesterday and can honestly say it was down to Michael’s patience and confidence in me. Thanks Michael!


I came to Michael after not getting along with my previous instructor. Michael is always on time to lessons. He is very patient with you and happily goes over things with you until you fully understand. I passed first time with him and recommend him 100%.


I was terrified to drive after my last instructor left me in floods of tears I felt useless and like I would never drive again but after having lessons with Micheal I felt confident and comfortable driving again and passed first time. I can’t thank him enough for the time and effort he put in for me highly recommend absolutely brilliant instructor!!! Such a confidence giver and so kind !!!


Absolutely wonderful instructor! Had Michael for the whole duration of my learning to drive experience and I don’t have a bad word to say about him. I would personally say that his technique and methods of teaching are absolutely perfect and everything you could want as a learner driver. I took my driving practical test today in Herne Bay and was fortunate enough to pass without barely any minors! Stuck to all of his specific tips, and methods that he had taught me over time and I can say that, along with the rest of what I had learnt from got me that certificate at the end of the test. As a learner driver it is extremely common to feel very pressured, scared, and anxious. And not only is Mike a very calm and collected instructor (one of the main things I found very helpful) he is also a kind, friendly, and supportive individual. I find that your experience of learning to drive and who you are taught by, will really make it or break it. I am chuffed with my experience and the outcome, so I would just like to write this review and tell you all that I would 100% recommend highstead driving school. I am very grateful for my experience.


Cannot thank Mike enough for helping me to pass my driving test ☺️ he has been so patient with me, from the beginning and constantly given me the confidence and motivation I needed to pass. He has also had to battle through the problems covid brought, countless cancellations of tests and long waiting times. But we got there in the end! Thank you for all the moral support and putting up with me! Highly recommended 🙂


Mike is an excellent driving instructor. He is extremely patient and understanding. He is really good at helping a learner understand lessons I will highly recommend Mike if you are a slow learner and need a brilliant and patient instructor who will tailor lessons to suit your learning 😊🙏


what a great guy helped me so much to pass my test, ive been with a few companies trying to pass my test but Michael was by far the best I highly recommend this company they’re brilliant at what they do!!

I passed my test first time today and I couldn’t thank Mike enough.

He has been a great instructor – whilst being very instructive and professional he also made me feel very comfortable and confident when driving.

I would 100% recommend Mike to someone who is looking to start driving. I definitely feel safe to drive in the future after taking Mike’s vast range of knowledge and experience on board.

Not only is Mike a great instructor but he is also very flexible when booking lessons which helped me greatly.

Thank you again, Mike.


I have passed my driving test today first time due to Mike’s dedication understanding and patience with me throughout my journey to improve my skills on the road.

I can’t thank him enough for all the effort and trust in me.

I highly recommend Highsted Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive confidently.

Thank you very much,


I passed my test today! Thanks to Mike for being so patient and encouraging throughout my lessons! He is a brilliant teacher and is perfect for anxious learners. He has never rushed the lesson. Working full time, I needed someone who is very flexible. Mike has offered to help out every single time.He is so flexible. His tips have been so helpful that I am much more confident than I was months ago. I fully recommend Mike for all the effort he puts into helping people who really struggle to learn.Thank you again Mike!I appreciate your support.



I passed first time this morning in Herne Bay and wouldn’t have done it without Mike! Prepared me for every inch of the test and always very patient. Thanks again!


I passed my driving test first time today all thanks to Mike. Every lesson with him has been great, especially as I was very nervous to learn. He is very encouraging and so knowledgeable, and I felt completely prepared to not only pass, but continue to be a proficient driver thanks to his guidance. He is a fantastic instructor and I would recommend him to everyone.

Kirsty Vitler


I passed my driving test today with Mike and can’t thank him enough for all the support he gave me as I was learning to drive! I started as a really nervous driver but he really helped to build my confidence and was really patient. He based all of my lessons around my job and always seemed to go the extra mile to help me on my lessons! I would definitely recommend Highsted driving school!



Mike is a fantastic instructor! He trained me to be a safe but confident driver. He was dedicated to my success and helped me pass the first time. Would highly recommend! 

Thanks Mike

Jimmy Newton

I Passed my driving test today at the first attempt. A big thank you to Michael Sutton who was professional, friendly and a great teacher throughout my time with him. Would highly recommend.


I recently got trained on my driving by Mike at Highsted Driving School. He was very professional and worked at my pace. This made it possible for me to learn driving quickly and I was able to pass my driving test in first attempt. I highly recommend Mike for his excellent way of teaching driving and making new driver confident.


Passed my driving test today 100% recommend mike he has the patience of a saint putting up with me for months and helping me overcome my anxiety with driving making me feel at ease. Now I can put all my skills to good use. Thank you again 😁



Mike’s amazing such a good teacher! Loved it very much and glad to have passed! Thank you very much xx



Highly highly recommend Highsted Driving School. Mike is so friendly and welcoming, putting you at ease straight away and making you feel relaxed. Not once did I ever not look forward to a lesson or want to give up. He’s always on time and the lesson is always tailored to suit the learner. Mike is very approachable, always ready to answer questions or help you, I wouldn’t recommend anybody else. Thankyou mike!!



“I Just passed my driving test today and all credit goes to Mike. He is the Best person I could possibly wished for to help me through my lessons and test! He is so calm and patient. Would recommend to everybody, having lesson with mike were great. The way he thought me how to deal with roundabout was really good and helpful to me, now I don’t get panic dealing roundabouts.
Mike’s lessons are centred around your needs and your suggestions which makes them very helpful. Learning with Mike has helped me become a safe and confident driver.

Thanks for all your help Mike.”Prajakta

“I just passed my driving test 1st time with no minors! It’s been such a smooth and easy learning process and having lesson with mike were great. I even managed to bring my test forwards by a month as I was ready much earlier than anticipated which was ideal. He prepared me so well when it came to my test I knew the route very well and was very comfortable with all the manoeuvres and questions.

I would highly recommend .” – Dominique Cresswell


A big thank you to Mike for being such a patient and flexible driving instructor. With your help I was able to pass my driving test on my first attempt! Mike’s lessons are centred around your needs and your suggestions which makes them very helpful. Learning with Mike has helped me become a safe and confident driver.

Thanks for all your help Mike!

Hannah B

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